Modern music recording technology has given musicians the capability of recording their music more easily. Whether it’s with a simple cell phone, a laptop and a usb microphone, or a professional DAW (digital audio workstation) setup in your home; musicians, bands and artists have so many ways of capturing their music with less effort, less expense, and more efficiently. This isn’t to say you won’t be spending some money. The better you want your recordings then more money you will spend on gear, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Also I will be doing another video that talks about what gear you could use for doing your own music recording. But for this video I just want to tell you why you should record your own music.

I really want to clarify that pro recording studios, pro engineers, pro producers and the endless amount of gear you are able to try and use in the studio to dial in the perfect sound are of tremendous value and still needed in the music industry. But I also believe you can still get great recordings and production while doing it on your own. There’s 2 roles you really need to understand when recording your own music. There’s the music producer and the recording engineer.

Music production is a very valuable skill. It’s the process of creating a music project with a producer overseeing a structure, composition, and overall character of a track, single, or album. Music production can encompass recording demos for your band, composing the instruments or music bed for songs, writing melodies and harmonies over a music bed, and possibly mixing and mastering your own music. A recording engineer is the person who operates the gear, knows how the equipment works and how to generate the sounds you want for the specific style. Both these positions can be filled by 1 individual. Especially when dealing with a much smaller scale with recording your own music. I didn’t say it was easy but it is doable for you. An understanding in both music production and recording engineering are needed in the foundation of learning how to record your own music.


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