The original show (outlined below) is DEFERRED to next week. One of the show hosts was unavailable for this one.Are you singing the song in your head right now?You know, the hit song by Fleetwood Mac? Here, I'll help you out. If I could turn the page In time then I'd rearrange just a day or two Close my, close my, close my eyes But I couldn't find a way So I'll settle for one day to believe in you Tell me, tell me, tell me liesHaha, now you got it!What the hell does this have to do with information security? Well, nothing really, if we're just talking about the song. The theme for this episode of the Security Shit Show is just "LIES", not the song Little Lies, but when I started writing this introduction, I squirreled. OK, let's get to it...Lies are everywhere in our industry. Hell, they're everywhere in general! We ARE the Security Shit Show, so we'll keep it to information security (I think).Lies are told and believed so often in the information security industry, we start to question what reality we're living in! In case you missed it, Chris wrote a LinkedIn post earlier this week: the end of his post, he posed a question (with a poll). Which LIE is the worst we tell everyone? Option 1: We CAN protect you! Option 2: Endpoint will solve it ALL! Option 3: Just install “x” technology Option 4: “Other” leave No.x below :)Interesting, eh? Got me thinking... Why do we lie so much in this industry? Is it OK to lie in certain circumstances? Is it OK to lie if everyone else is? Is one lie worse than another? Do people even realize they're lying? Do we just accept the lies? What about lies of omission, clearly they aren't as bad as lies of commission, right? Am I a liar? Are you?The truth is... (watch the show to find out)! We're going to tear this one up and you'll enjoy the fireworks! If not, drinks are on Chris.

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