The E-commerce Leader: Ecommerce strategy for Amazon Private Label sellers, Shopify store owners and digital entrepreneurs!

The E-commerce Leader: Ecommerce strategy for Amazon Private Label sellers, Shopify store owners and digital entrepreneurs!

This show explores eight vital e-commerce trade-skills. Online selling is a great business opportunity, but that’s only true if you do it well. Do it poorly and you’ll waste time and money. Incredible fortunes are won but sadly, they are frequently lost too. We’ll help you avoid that. We focus on strategic business principles and commerce strategies that are foundational to any successful company. We share systematic frameworks and models used to launch and scale ecommerce businesses. Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Etsy, or direct-to-consumer (DTC) on your own website, such as Shopify (or all of them - an omni-channel strategy) this show is for you.

About your show hosts:

Jason Miles is an e-commerce coach and Udemy’s most popular Shopify instructor. He’s the author of numerous books, including Instagram Power; YouTube Marketing Power and Pinterest Power - published with McGraw-Hill. He and his wife, Cinnamon, built a thriving e-commerce brand and marketplace (Pixie Faire) on the Shopify platform. Today, they own and operate a growing collection of brands as well as a charity – Sew Powerful.

Michael Veazey is an E-commerce Executive from London. He’s an authority on Amazon and convenes London’s prestigious 10K Collective – a group of successful ecommerce sellers that meet in-person regularly. He also coaches e-commerce sellers with an emphasis on International Amazon marketplaces. His successful podcast, The AmazingFBA Podcast is a top e-commerce show on all the platforms and has a loyal audience of Amazon sellers.

About Those Eight E-commerce Trade Skills:

E-commerce Trade skill #1 - Professional Business Process: You need logical, efficient, and simple systems that create powerful outcomes. We trim down all the complexity and teach the core functions that produce maximum outcomes.

E-commerce Trade skill #2 - Team Management: From solopreneurs, just trying to manage, to the executives in charge of large teams, we know that leading with excellence is a constant challenge. We break down the process of managing an e-commerce team so you can scale.

E-commerce Trade skill #3 - Business Ethics: We’re all tired of short term thinking and get rich quick plans. We share the merits of honest marketing and ethical e-commerce.

E-commerce Trade skill #4 - Pivoting: Whether it’s going from Amazon to Shopify, changing business models, team structures, or traffic strategies. We explain how to walk through world-class change management.

E-commerce Trade skill #5 - Sales Channels: We’ve worked on many platforms and share the pros and cons of the various channels and how to use them effectively in combination.

E-commerce Trade skill #6 - Business Models: From Retail Arbitrage, Garage-Sale-ing, Wholesale, Online Arbitrage, Sample Sales & Liquidation Sourcing, Private Label Products, Selling Products You’ve Designed, Handmade Items, Merch & Print On Demand, Self-Publishing, Online Teaching, Membership Communities, Online Coaching, Social Media Influencer Income, Affiliate Income, offering a service, and many more. We discuss them all.

E-commerce Trade skill #7 - Traffic Strategies: Jason’s Shopify site is in the top 1% of all Shopify sites based on world-wide traffic - and he’s passionate about sharing on these topics. His 9 Mountains Of Traffic Framework answers the question – ‘how do I get traffic to my website?’

E-commerce Trade skill #8 – Profit Strategies: We share proven techniques and systems – designed to ensure that you make a profit. The tragic truth is that many online sellers make money for everyone but themselves. We show you how to put money in your pocket in efficient ways.

We hope you like the show – and if you do – be sure to visit our website, and check out the free resources and show not...

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