The Disciples of Piconjo, TeraVex and ProsciuttoMan, join the NGP crew to talk music, art and games!

On the latest episode of NGP, VoicesByCorey and PsychoGoldfish bring on TeraVex and ProsciuttoMan to make fun of special guest host, RealMrSnuggles! Once Snuggles stopped crying, the gang talked about a little game called Piconjo: Teh 6aym, Tera's lackluster music career, and Prosciutto's mediocre kindergarten finger paintings.

Needless to say, the night was a big disappointment, until the gang brought up school sh...actually, that's where the show derailed.

This episode was incredibly fun to record due to the fact that Tera and Prosciutto are awesome guys! Their love for Newgrounds and the community shows and we were lucky to have them on! Take a listen to hear about the careers in music, art and games. You can also find out why the chose the names they have! Thanks for stopping by fellas!


Piconjo: Teh 6aym (OST)

Regurgitated x2 (Piconjo OST)

Xinxinix's Top 10 FNF Jam Submissions

Newgrounds Summer Festival

Will's Farewell Message

Piconjo Day 6/9

P.S. We love you WillKMR <3

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