The Perennial Truth - Awakening of the Soul

The Perennial Truth - Awakening of the Soul

An Audio-Biography of a Tantric Master and his wannabe muse. These perennial conversation unearths the hidden knowledge of Samaya Tantra as scribed in The Perennial Truth | Awakening of the Soul book by TLB Kruger. This podcast show is aimed for the sincere seeker in the search for liberation from the wheels of time. So let's dive in. If you had a balanced childhood, you would not need to listen to any spiritual podcasts or read any self help books or even think about meditating because you would be living your highest purpose completely fulfilled in total acceptance of what is and in expanded oneness with the whole! You would embody Truth, Consciousness and Bliss! And this would be your natural state of being! And not just that, you would be the ultimate role model for your children and future generations. Can you imagine what a world that would be! But it’s not that simple, right! This vicious karmic cycle of being passed emotional traumas, mental habits and physical disabilities from our parents, society, religion and social circles, seems to be the 'easy' ( I tend to call it, ignorant ) path of just getting by, because the pain and misery of life is just too much to deal with, let alone understand it or even transcend it! So why even bother? After 2 decades of coaching and teaching meditation and showing people what their karmic cycles are, you would think that we would have realised that sharing The Perennial Truth is a fruitless cause! People are too invested in this dream called life to even have any yearning for the cosmic truths let alone do the inner work of self observation to master this Maya. And yet, here we are still sharing from our own personal experiences, this journey of awakening consciousness, through the understanding of this ancient wisdom of Samaya Tantra, as translated for this modern age, in The Perennial Truth. So all I can say is listen with caution because this is not a feel good podcast show. It challenges your beliefs! This podcast show is three-fold: 1. TLB offers a structured context of understanding of spiritual truths that can be related back to the correspondence theory of truth 2. We deep dive into spiritual psychology and engage in transpersonal conversations to answer those cosmic questions that can guide us towards awakening 3. TLB introduces us to his exclusive Maha Khala meditation techniques to guide us in experiencing the present moment and accessing the intelligence of that moment which allows us to 'see' what is blocking us from just being in a space of total bliss and oneness. The Perennial Truth is dedicated towards transcendental awakening through understanding. The source of every mental health issue can be traced to childhood trauma. The Perennial Truth offers higher understanding for self awakening. This podcast show is a combination of discourses, meditations, talks and Q&A's hosted by myself, Karen Kruger with the Author himself TLB Kruger. I act as host in questioning and expanding on the talks and discourses. I urge you to connect with me by sending us your questions that will be answered in an episode. Our purpose is to share and surrender the outcome or any expectation thereof. Please connect with us via our website - Buy the books to deepen your understanding. We publish an episode twice weekly on a Monday and Thursday. Please subscribe to the show, so that we know we have at least one listener. See more on our website ;-) For those going through the dark nights of their are not alone! Much Love and Light. Karen Kruger

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