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In this episode of the Inside Gaming Podcast we discuss the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X having issues with the Series X having huge disc drive issues, the fake Xbox Seires X vape trick, getting a console fixed in the pandemic, and all sorts of other next gen launch issues! But that’s not all! The Square Enix published Marvel’s Avengers is already circling the drain due to some launch problems, content issues, and a lack of players. All this and of course your question!

00:00 - Intro

00:33 - Our success in buying a next gen console

02:39 - Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launch issues

10:07 - Should next gen consoles have been delayed?

17:32 - Spider-Man Miles Morales PS4 to PS5 Upgrade

23:34 - How to get good at Bloodborne

29:13 - Marvel’s Avengers continues to be the Anthem of 2020

44:37 - Listener Questions

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