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Episode 65: Setting Boundaries during Pregnancy and Postpartum: Interview with Trisha Goodall

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In today’s episode we are discussing setting boundaries during pregnancy and postpartum. Our guest is Trisha Goodall, she is a Mom Strategist, postpartum doula, life coach, and speaker. Trisha helps busy moms move from overwhelmed to joyful through customized strategies and virtual coaching!

In the episode we discuss: 

  • Definition of Boundaries - neither kind nor unkind, like a fence designating what we will or will not allow 
  • The importance of knowing ourselves to have solid boundaries - what is our "why" that we can lean on when we receive pushback?
  • The difference between boundaries and control (ie. "My partner can't go out with friends" vs "I need some time in the evening where I get a break from the baby" - how this can open up to meaningful, vulnerable conversations where both partners are solving the problem together rather than the pattern of mom having to figure it all out).
  • How to communicate boundaries and when might you not need to communicate them explicitly
    • People can't read our minds - don't assume it's a lack of respect. 
    • Clear is kind.
    • My classic example is the postpartum phase when everyone wants to visit and moms can sometimes get overwhelmed and annoyed at people, while not communicating that. 
    • Instead let people know the plan for a certain time interval (for the next 2wks, etc)
    • Have conversations during pregnancy with family
    • Designate a friend as the point of contact so that you're not doing everything as a new mom.
  • Despite family pressures, societal messages, and all of it - you are the mom and you are allowed to set boundaries to protect your sanity and mental health.

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