#19 Nick Dahl | Growth Lessons from Truecaller and Spotify

#19 Nick Dahl | Growth Lessons from Truecaller and Spotify

Let’s talk about growth. Or, I mean, we did already. With Nick Dahl, Spotify’s Growth Strategy Lead and Truecaller’s ex Head of Growth. Nick is an excellent example of how to think about startup growth in a modern and analytical way. In this episode, he gives great insights and frameworks on how to approach growth and make it work for you. We delve into both Nick’s personal stories from Spotify and Truecaller, as well as his insights into how to think about growing your own company, at different points in the company life-cycle.

Expect to learn:

How to approach growth across different stages of the company life cycle

What is growth hacking and how do you growth hack?

How to approach growth in a systematic way and how Nick has done that at Truecaller and Spotify.

How involved should a Founder/CEO be in growth, and should it ever leave the founder’s table?

00:20 Intro of Nick

1:30 Defining Growth

04:00 How engaged should a CEO be in growth?

05:00 What are the day-to-day responsibilities or a Head of Growth?

07:20 Approaches to growth for early stage startups

09:10 Growth hacking – what is it actually?

13:35 Being systematic with growth

16:45 How do growth strategies change along the way?

19:15 How is growth affected by funding rounds?

21:10 Differences in growth in B2C, B2B, platform etc.

22:40 How Nick approached growth at Truecaller and Spotify?

28:00 How was the growth team built at Truecaller and Spotify?

32:10 Is there a difference in Customer acquisition cost in developing markets vs Nordic countries or the US?

33:10 What other hires need to be done before the Head of Growth?

35:18 Should growth never truly leave the Founder’s table?

36:38 “John Schoolcraft’s – ‘you don’t need data or a marketing team – just try things.’”

38:58 Role of creativity in growth?

40:00 Good resources to learn about growth

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