In Episode 13, we sit down again with Matt Corallo and discuss his work on the Lightning Development Kit (LDK).

In this conversation we cover:

- Starting Rust-Lightning (1:20)

- Language bindings challenges (4:09)

 - FFI (5:32)

- Interoperability of Lightning (7:10)

- Zero-value invoices (7:35)

- Keysend/push payments/spontaneous payments (8:20)

- What is the LDK stack? (9:29)

- Anchor Outputs (10:41)

 - Child pays for parent (CPFP) (11:02)

- Who tracks the onchain state when using LND? (12:30)

- LDK tracks the channel commitment transaction, how is that done? (13:45)

 - Compact block filters

- Contrasting multiple implementations working from a spec in Lighting vs. no spec with one dominant reference implementation in Bitcoin (14:58)

 - The Lightning Spec

- What's the state of the Lightning Network? Have we moved beyond #reckless? (18:49)

 - Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerabilities

   - Channel Jamming (22:00)

- Eltoo and the punishment dynamic (22:45)

- Will the network trend to trusted relationships and lend itself to KYC? (24:50)

- FATF updates its guidance on Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) (26:50)

- Where LDK goes from here? (29:55)

Thanks to Caralie for the sound engineering.

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