We are BACK! Thanks for your patience as our DM, Stephen, and his partner had a baby! Anyways, everything is going just peachy for our party, scattered across the planes, definitely not being toyed with by some evil shadow creatures. Beskey, Dorian, and Void (Which means http://twitter.com/missmindykins (@MissMindyKins) is BACK) attempt to rescue Hadariel, and Ashryn and friends continue to confront a being who seems to know more about Morwel than anyone is comfortable with...

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Michael’s Dragon Talk Interview: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/dragon-talk-377-michael-sinclair-ii-meet-your-monsters-mindflayers (https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/dragon-talk-377-michael-sinclair-ii-meet-your-monsters-mindflayers)

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Dungeon Master – Stephen Garcia – http://twitter.com/the_baddm (@the_baddm)

Beskey Nevering – Michael Sinclair II – http://twitter.com/michaelcrits (@michaelcrits)

Ariadne Zuvan – Adelaide Gardner – http://twitter.com/ohadelaide (@ohadelaide)

Khoz Forgeheart – Ian Gould – http://twitter.com/gameofscience (@)http://twitter.com/ianggould (IanGGould)

Ashryn Emberwhisper – Ky Eliot – http://twitter.com/stonefly_ky (@stoneflyky)

Rain – Kris Gideon – http://twitter.com/kissofhemlock (@kissofhemlock)

Blossom de Brulee – Emily Ervolina – http://twitter.com/emilyerv (@emilyerv)

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