Difference between Bach's music and Vivaldi's music?
If you were to distinguish between the two of them, how would you do it? From what I hear in Vivaldi's music, especially his sacred music abound with fifth progressions, there is an underlying 'need' or yearning, yet there is an overwhelming recognition of our place in this world. Vivaldi, unlike Bach, realizes that we are lesser beings of God and nothing can change this, despite an 'insatiable need to'. Bach, however, tries to elevate us onto the same standing as God through his music with the assumption that a route to the divine is possible. There is no route to the divine in Vivaldi's music and his music is quite parodistic, assuming there is, when there isn't.

So although I appreciate the intellectual and spiritual magnificence of Bach's music, his music tells me he aspired to sit on the throne of the Divine, alongside God in heaven, which no human being can do, nor has the right to do because we are God's puppets and he our puppeteer. The difference is, Vivaldi's recognizes this whereas Bach does not. In other words, Vivaldi knocks on the gates of heaven, awaiting an answer from God but never receives one. Bach, however, arrogantly strides through the gates, thinking he is God's equal and therefore, takes the leap of faith Vivaldi could never take.

Vivaldi is like the crying child in the corner whom you feel sorry for. Bach is the fatherly figure who comforts this child. And I think Bach was so heavily influenced by Vivaldi for this reason. He found his long lost crying child. Vivaldi was apart of Bach he knew he had inside of himself because listening to the opening of his Easter Oratorio, I know for sure Bach had a strong dormant sense of opera but, for reasons which I am sure you will explain, didn't elaborate on it as Vivaldi was able to in his music.

This is a subjective opinion

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