Why It's Critical to Use Examples The Audience Has Never Heard

Why It's Critical to Use Examples The Audience Has Never Heard

Unless you are just an extraordinary motivator on stage, at some point all speakers must provide EVIDENCE that the recommendations they are making to the audience actually work.

Legendary speaker Zig Ziglar used to say that the similar situation is the best way to make a sale. Show me somebody in my scenario who has benefitted from this solution, and I’m more likely to buy it, right?

Keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and podcast host Mitch Joel includes a lot of evidence in his presentations, including a closing story about a man who was so successful in following Mitch’s advice, he changed his entire business model. You’ll hear all about this win in this episode of Standing Ovation!

Find out about:

Hear Mitch’s signature story about how a rare guitar shop went viral on YouTube

How Mitch came across the star of his signature story

How Mitch integrates this story into his keynotes

Why it’s important to tell stories that the audience can see themselves in

How Mitch uses visualization to remind him about his stories

Why speakers need to build their personal brand as a speaker

How Mitch uses other forms of his content as trial runs for his stories

The importance of preparing for your keynotes

How Mitch injects humor in his stories to let him know if the audience is really with him

Mitch shares his number one criticism for other speakers

Key Quotes:

“I collect stories…and integrate them into my master keynote”

“I like stories that are quirky, weird, and different, but also have the same message that a massive IT association event needs to hear”

“You need moments in your presentation to let you know the audience is really with you”

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