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The symptom is really not the cause. After 30 years of being an acupuncturist I truly realised that although people come to me to have their ailments relieved, my purpose is to find the cause of these symptoms and then treat the cause. 

  As when patients come with psoriasis and they just blame the skin and often think it is maybe something to do with their diet or the cream they put on their body,  the soap powder in the washing machine. True it could be but far more likely it is their lifestyle, and the way they worry and are concerned about aspects of their life.

 For our minds are so clever, and think so much, so often, we alter our internal biology and chemical balances, just by the way we think. Everything is connected, interconnected, the whole. You cannot take one aspect away and expect the body's system to carry on working as it did before. 
A bit like taking one wheel off the car and saying I still have three wheels on the car it should be ok. 

By practising mindfulness, we bring our clever mind into balance and use our consciousness to focus now in this present moment. For in the present moment things are as they are. Life is as it is. Nine times out of ten we are fine in this moment everything is ok In this moment. It's just the way we think about things and catastrophes about our life which make us distressed and worried and this makes life more difficult. 

Coming back to the moment on purpose gives us insight and clarity. Practise this and change your life.
When we can focus our attention into this present moment life is is more gentle calm and rewarding. Why would this be? Because our minds create a lot of our problems, the clever projecting forward, the disappointment of looking back and the expectations of the future, all actually change our physiological and neurological chemicals in our body and mind, which then alters the way we feel experience and act. 

It is so important to spend time gently with yourself doing very little. Just allow the space to be. this allows you to recalibrate rebalance and re-energize yourself. 
Try practising this any place any time. Mindfulness isn't about sitting cross-legged in the sunset looking like a Yogi, it is about an attitude of mind which can be accessed any place any time.

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