Compost transformation of the mind: the practical use of mindfulness

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The practise of mindfulness is the art of making space within the mind. Compost transformation of the mind: the practical use of mindfulness. An internal spaciousness allows the ability to have insight into the way your mind and your consciousness is working. changing all the garbage into a seedbed to grow happy positive thoughts and living.

It is counter-intuitive, in that you do not try to understand, however, the insight arrives through the practice of allowing space, as the tightness of the mind relaxes, so the intuition and insight appear. 

You begin to just know, you trust yourself more, you observe yourself without being involved with the stories, the dialogue, and rumination. Instinctively picking out all that is important or needs attention, what's letting the rest just run. 

The clever mind, intellectual mind, will spend a lot of energy and time in trying to control the outcomes, the meaning, and it will evaluate the opportunity. 

The insight mind, the Conscious awareness mind, allows the space to show all the aspects of the thought and feeling you're experiencing. It is as if you hold it arm's-length without becoming embroiled in all the past details and projected possible outcomes. 

The clever mind can make you happy joyful, all sad and despondent and energyless. These feelings and the expressions of their energy envelop us without our knowing. Leading to a  life of reactive continual expression of the emotions at that moment. 

The insight mind allows the use of space and internal spaciousness to be aware are or what really is happening. And from this space, you know intuitively the action or response which will be in your highest interest, and that of the others involved. 

Working with the mind is like composting. Creating garden compost is an art form. It is far more than taking all the rubbish, and throwing it in the corner, and hoping it will turn itself into soft soil. Composting is taking and allowing the constituent minerals elements and fibre of the past life to be broken down, warmed up, and converted into a soft nutritious seedbed. 

When we compost the mind it is the same. It is the air between the twigs and the leaves and the kitchen waste, that allows for the transformation to occur. In the mind, it is the space between the thoughts, and the feelings and the memories and the actions which allow for the transformation to occur. 

The space between is so important in life, it's that which allows life to exist, and grow and flourish. 

By sitting and being present on purpose, allowing the clever thoughts to drop Away, and focusing ones attention on what really is now, creates the space for things to happen and change. Often leading to a sense of peace and calm and tranquillity. 

Practising mindfulness improve your life.

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