Sara welcomes Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to discuss his battle against Google and other big tech firms to protect Texans' first amendment freedoms. Paxton says if this fight doesn't happen now, free speech rights may never return. They also discuss the border crisis and what he sees as President Biden's political endgame.

Sara also tears into the mainstream media for pushing another false narrative after the Interior Department's Inspector General concludes Lafayette Square was not cleared by police last summer to allow for President Trump to have a photo op.

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Texas Fights Big Tech
Paxton: We don't quickly address this issue whether it's at a federal level state level in every possible way through litigation. There. There's such large monopolies which we in the past, our country has viewed in a negative way that if we don't want monopolistic behavior, because then consumers don't have choices, especially when you have monopolies that crush their competition, buy him out, destroy them. We want consumers to have choice. And that's why I sued Google, and may and maybe why end up suing other companies. It just takes so many resources to take these companies on, just because they can hire literally unlimited lawyers, they contribute to campaigns and so it's really difficult to get anything done through Congress. And so they have tremendous power. My argument is that if we do not address this now, we may never have our free speech back. We may never have control of that again, and they may control through artificial intelligence with they're getting much better at using they may have so much control over what people say by do vote all of it, that we may never be able to get our country back at our freedom back.

Google Tries to Defund Probes
Paxton: When I tried to get money for my budget, Google has gone and lobbied against me in my own legislature trying to stop me from getting funds to figure out what what, yeah, it's crazy. They, I didn't even know this. They're doing this. Absolutely. I had to fight harder for my budget this year than I've ever had to fight. And I'm convinced that some of these companies like Google knew that they could cut off my funding, which they tried to do. I tried to get special funding for a Google case. And then I also they tried to cut my budget by 25%, I would have had no chance zero and it would have been over and they would have won if they could have cut off my funding, and that's what they were trying to do. So that's what we've been doing. We've been trying to understand. And that's why we targeted Google first because we felt like we had a pretty darn good case. And we still do that we fall in Texas, that shows that they are a monopoly and that they control almost all the advertising on the internet. Whether they represent the buyer or the seller, and they control the exchange between the two. They pretty much dominate.

Trump Joins Sara Next Week
Sara: And I made a big announcement making a big announcement right now. It's gonna be big. Remember I told you I told you I have a very special guest that is coming on the show. coming on the show next week. A very, very special guest one that you all love someone you all love and know, I know you. I know you out there. I know you care about this guest. It is none other. No, not the president of Guatemala. But President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. I am so excited to...

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