How the Biden admin is 'enriching' cartels' criminal operations

How the Biden admin is 'enriching' cartels' criminal operations

Sara is down at the border and speaks with Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez about how officials stationed at the border are pressed for resources in handling the migrant surge. They're also up against brazen human and drug traffickers who act with impunity due to Biden's policies.

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Border Crisis Will Get Worse
Olivarez: Border Patrol and CBP, they're, they're the experts on immigration. But, you know, just conversations that I've that I've talked to fellow Border Patrol agents, that's gonna that's going to be a very serious issue, especially when title 42 goes away. Now you're talking of more of an influx of migrants coming across, and you're gonna have serious issues with that. And that's something to keep track of, because that's where we're going to start seeing some more problems and also as we as we get closer and more involved with the summer, the summer months and the heat starts to starts to increase, especially here in South Texas. The unfortunately unfortunately, we're gonna see more fatalities, because people are trying to get across and people are trying to circumvent the checkpoints, to get to to get more inland to other you know, other cities in the state also outside of the state.

Brazen Cartel Border Smuggling
Sara: So that was pretty interesting to me because that was the first time I've ever interviewed a smuggler. On the riverbanks, and, but they he became very brazen. I mean, he was actually taunting some of the law, you know, the National Guard that were with us, Lieutenant and as well as you and some of the Border Patrol agents that were that were right there along the river. Are you seeing more and more of that?

Olivarez: Well, of course, I mean, it's, that's a that's a perfect example to show how brazen they are that that they there's no resistance that they have no regard, especially for law enforcement that they they're very bold in what they're doing. And it's something that we see day in and day out, not just us, you know, Texas DPS, but also Border Patrol, that they're gonna do whatever they can at any cost to get their product across, whether it be human smuggling or narcotics. And this is a perfect example of how the tactics they use to get this across.

Focusing on the Criminal Element
Olivarez: We can't lose focus on the criminal element. I know right now we're focused on the the families that are coming across unaccompanied children. And it's tragic and it's very unfortunate that's taking place. But we cannot lose focus on the threats on the southern border from the cartels. Because, you know, we've shared plenty of photos and different events that have taken place along the border when it comes to drugs and weapons that are going south. These are we're talking about military grade weapons, fully automatic weapons, 50 caliber rifles that are coming across, going into Mexico to supply the cartels. And it is a threat. It is a threat because there were within miles from the southern border. And you see how they are, the power that they have and how enriched they are, because they're able to corrupt not only in Mexico, but as well on the US side.

Sara Nearly Watched Migrants Drown
Sara: During that time, there were several people that tried to make a crossing without the smuggler actually taking them across on the boat, and they started to drown in the river. It was very harrowing situation. I wasn't sure if...

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