I’ve been watching Sex Life on Netflix and the main character stands for so much of what I agree with, so I was inspired to bring the conversation to you. Societal norms have this set path of school, college, marriage, babies, staying at home with the babies and being loyal to their spouse for the rest of their lives.

What has come up in the show and what I want to discuss today is that it’s okay to admit that you want more out of your life. There’s nothing wrong with that path if that’s what you want, but if that’s not what you want, or not all that you want, it’s okay to admit that you might want more than what you currently have. And it’s okay to say that out loud. It’s okay to acknowledge that you get to strive for everything you want.

In my opinion, granted that there are many different circumstances around cheating on a partner, in general it comes down to not being happy in their situation, wanting something more, and looking outside for something they think they want. As a collective we’re not taught to express our desires in our relationships, business, life in general.

I want to remind you today that in every aspect of your life, it’s your job to say what you want, own what you want, know what you want, and expect what you want. When you allow things to be subpar, little by little you lose yourself. You may end up getting emotional and letting resentment get the best of you when the kindest thing to do is speak your desires so everyone is on the same page.

I want to challenge you in every aspect of your life to find where you can be happier, and fucking go after it. You have permission to find a workaround for the things that are really important to you.

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