I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and this quote popped up. “When a pattern is finally coming to an end, especially one that’s been held in your body for a long time, that’s also when you’ll face the most fear and the most resistance because being set free actually feels incredibly uncomfortable and unsafe in relation to continuing to play out what you’ve always known.” I couldn’t find an actual source for this, so if you know who I can credit this to let me know!

That statement kind of slapped me in the face, in a way. I’ve told myself the same thing and experienced the truth of it many times before with relationship stuff, business stuff as I’ve discussed, body stuff, and before the uplevel often comes the breakdown. And it’s definitely uncomfortable to let go of the familiar. It can even spark a little grief or sadness to let go of who you used to be, or thought you were in order to make room for better things.

Every single time I’ve had a big moment, it has been prefaced by this time of massive uncertainty, discomfort, and confusion. Our businesses, our lives, are not straight lines. There will be moments of struggle and uncertainty. I’m being transparent about it now because I don’t believe that pretending to be perfect is the way to run your business. I know that the discomfort that I’m feeling now is going to come to an uplevel and I’m choosing to embrace the ups and downs.

Those moments are crucial for your growth and they’re worth it. But, you can make it easier on yourself by trying to be an impartial observer to the process rather than getting your emotions all tied up into the changes.

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