Being supported, how to let go of control, and everything related. I want you to understand how much you are probably stunting your growth by not allowing yourself to give up some control and be supported. You do NOT have to do everything by yourself.

I hear about this struggle from my clients all the time. The first point for this, and everything honestly, is you need to not only know what you want, but also own what you want. There is nothing wrong with you checking in with your gut about how you want everything to go. Acknowledging that humans are imperfect and mistakes will happen, it’s okay for you to aim for the ideal situation.

Stop acting like the support you get in your life is completely out of your control. I want you to command the scenario that’s going to align with your life and your business. You are steering the ship and anyone you pay needs to be on board with you. But women, you don’t have to be cold, calculating career bitch or the Stepford mom - you can be somewhere in the middle!

Don’t be afraid to be clear. The people that support you can’t read your mind. They do want to do a good job for you, but you do need to be clear in your instructions so that frustrations can’t get in the way. It’s not unkind to set expectations, but it can be unkind to let someone struggle trying to please you.

At the end of the day, it’s our job to steer the ship. There’s a difference between being controlling and being in control. There’s a sweet spot between holding the vision and intentionally hiring smart, capable people that have strengths and ideas. You get to have people in your corner that you trust to open up to with vulnerability.

I want you to really acknowledge and admit to yourself that those things you’re doing on your own, aren’t really easier to do on your own. Let’s be real - are you more comfortable doing things on your own, because it means keeping the control? Are you using work as a way to numb yourself to the shit that’s going on in your life? The cycle won’t stop until you choose to stop it. You have permission to acknowledge what’s going on and feel your feelings. Business success doesn't mean anything if you're not living the life you want to live.

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