California Sober Expert Kaitie Degen Explains Cali Sober and Demystifies Demi Lovato's Statements

California Sober Expert Kaitie Degen Explains Cali Sober and Demystifies Demi Lovato's Statements

Topics Include: Defining California Sober, Breaking the Stigma on California Sober, Cali Sober, Deconstructing Demi Lovato’s Definition, Urban Dictionary’s Incorrect Definition of California Sober, Relapse by Judgement, Destigmatizing Cannabis Use for Mental Health, Trauma, and Harm Reduction, The Benefits of Microdosing, Alternatives to Pharmacotherapy, Alternatives to Rehab and 12 Steps, Dr. James Fadiman, Tim Ferris, Ayahuasca, DMT, California Sober Excludes Alcohol, Not Introducing Alcohol into Moderation, Alcohol Use only when Tapering, Alcohol as Trigger for Drug Relapse, Breaking Generational and Family Addiction, and more....... Kaitie Degen CEO and Founder of Sober Saturdayz ( ) helps to demystify the confusion around the Demi Lovato's California Sober statements and sheds light on the importance of Harm Reduction and keeping an open mind to the many diverse paths of recovery people face. Kaitie helps to clear up the conflict that the Recovery community is expressing. This beef started from the Urban Dictionary and Demi Lovato's definition of California Sober as using both Marijuana and Alcohol in Moderation and as a form of Harm Reduction. The confusion comes from many people believing that California Sober or Cali Sober is excluding all drugs except for weed. Demi Lovato in her recent interview with ENTERTAINMENT stated that she is using weed and alcohol in moderation. She called this California Sober. For many people struggling with addiction and practicing sobriety this created obvious outrage because drinking alcohol and smoking weed can not be considered or should not be labeled as Sober. This can lead many people without proper education on the subject towards relapse, addictive behavior, and/or loosing a grip on reality. Alcohol is the ultimate gateway drug. We have seen it time and time again. Someone gets drunk and then start to crave harder drugs. It rarely works as an effective form of harm reduction. As a community this is a very sensitive topic and has not been regulated by any addiction specialist or any regulatory agency. Our position and disclaimer as Sober is Dope is to be cautious, be careful, and practice common sense. Try to seek professional help. If you are using Marijuana in moderation then we have no problem with this. Alcohol in combination with Marijuana is when the problems start to arise. Listen to the Sober is Dope Podcast: #californiasober #harmreduction #calisober


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