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About Aaron Alexander

Aaron is a movement coach, physical therapist, author of The Align Method, and the host of the Align Podcast.

His career as a movement coach started when he was working as a personal trainer in LA Fitness at the age of 16, today, he has worked with some of the best athletes and celebrities from around the world and has helped them relieve both their mental and physical discomfort through The Align Method.

About The Align Method

The Align Method is built upon mobility, confidence, and clarity. Through years of discomfort and pain, Aaron developed his method to overcome his insecurities and injuries. This method teaches people that the body is not at fault but what you're doing to your body is the problem.

His mission is to re-inhabit people's bodies to be strong, flexible, and pain-free by educating them on movement and body functionality. Aaron's method is built to reverse the effects of our daily posture trap such as slouching and screen staring through your very own momentary physical practice.

Episode Overview:

In this episode, Aaron talked about his journey from a personal trainer, poking fun of self-identification and how it takes a very evolved mature perception of the human experience to be able to love oneself and later moving on to the processes of trusting the dogma of experiences.

My Favourite Quotes:

"I am ultimately connected with everything. You know, I, when I'm looking at another person, I'm looking at myself, looking back at myself, looking back at myself, like I am a continuation of the whole thing. So if I really deeply identify with, I am Jew, you are Christian. You are this, you are that. I think that idea, the premise of that idea is faulty in the first place. And instead of being able to come to a point where we can poke fun, and bring light to these separations and differences. I think it was actually incredibly healthy, but it takes a very evolved mature perception of the human experience to get to the point where you can start to be the first to kind of poke fun at yourself and not take it personally."

"Sometimes there is value in just closing your eyes and saying cool: trust the teacher, trust the dogma trust that thousands of years have been handing down the different books and literature and such...close my eyes. Trust it. Go in (and) see what's on the other side of this."

"Ultimately I think it's just being comfortable with whatever it is, whatever comes up and not trying too hard to be wrapped up in any one suit, but just being comfortable with, with, Oh, now this is coming up and I don't feel shame about it, you know? I think that's for me is like all the other people just want to be themselves, but I think we don't really know. Most people will know what it means to even be yourself. Cause we're so wrapped up in so many layers of who we think we're supposed to be. I'm in the process of it personally. Where are you at with your human suit?"

Episode Breakdown
  • 00:00 - What are we doing wrong about our movements
  • 04:30 - The core issue with our daily postures
  • 08:30 - How did you first get into movement & physiology
  • 13:30 - Learning self-identification and self-worth
  • 22:55 - The notion of patriarchy and toxic masculinity
  • 39:30 - Process Aaron lives by
  • 43:20 - Aaron breaks down his mentors
  • 56:00 - Comedians as modern philosophers and fitness-oriented weightlifters
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