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Tony Chatman
Keynote Speaker, Corporate Relationship Expert, Certified Speaking Professional, Author and Bias Disrupter
The Force Multiplier: In this episode we discuss the importance of being a Force Multiplier and Unconscious Bias.

Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, Chase Bank, Estee Lauder, N.O.A.A. and N.A.S.A. to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better. As a leadership keynote speaker, his passion is contagious and his messages provide practical, usable knowledge that people implement immediately for business and personal success. Recognized for his stage presence and intensity, Tony delivers the kind of results that consistently garner outstanding and enthusiastic reviews. His profound ability to connect with every audience member ensures they come away feeling that he spoke directly to them and impacted by his message. 






Leadership Quote
“You are what we refer to as a Force Multiplier—the overall effectiveness and output of your group is increased by your very presence.”

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