In this week’s episode, Gwen coaches with Jennifer who is a healthcare provider and mother looking for clarity on why she moves into old thoughts of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, compare and despair, and feeling like she doesn’t have enough to offer. When new opportunities arise, she freezes, doubts herself, and then distracts with other projects. Her tools of meditation, journaling, and inner reflection are not helping her move through blocks the way they once did. As we move through the episode, you’ll hear me guide Jennifer through my process of attuning to the wisdom of the body, talking with the energy, connecting it to a younger self who felt the need to be perfect in order to be seen and loved. Through self-forgiveness, inner child healing, and bringing in her future higher self, Jennifer feels overwhelmed with a softening, fluidity, and love.

In this episode we discuss:

• What’s at the core of perfectionism

• Why we fall into patterns of imposter syndrome

• Childhood experiences seek healing through current life

• The maladaptive patterns from traumatic events and healthier ways of being with yourself

After the recording, Gwen shared with Jennifer that at the beginning of the podcast she said a phrase, “I’ll be found out”. This phrase carried a lot of past life energy of being a witch or healer or medicine woman when it was not safe and dangerous to be found out. It was at this point that Jennifer shared her profession and has been told by other healers that there are many layers to the fear she feels in this lifetime.

Breathwork is a useful tool for the witch wound – women with fear of speaking up, speaking out, being seen, allowing their gifts to be fully expressed and seen, and clearing out past lives or generations of women that weren’t safe.

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