Aethercast - What does the AOS 3.0 FAQ mean for Kharadron Overlords?

Aethercast - What does the AOS 3.0 FAQ mean for Kharadron Overlords?

In this week's Aethercast we dive into the day one FAQ for Warhamemer Age of Sigmar 3rd edition to discover what it changes for the way Kharadron Overlords. We give our thoughts on the implications, plus pose some of the questions that still need answering.


00:00:00 - News, intros, and heroes points changes

00:14:40 - Faction specific changes

00:43:10 - Instead of... fly high & hitching

01:13:15 - Things that still need an FAQ


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Some abilities can be done instead of making a retreat. When you do something instead of a retreat are you restricted from shooting or making a charge move later that turn (8.2)?

Some abilities can be done ‘instead of making a normal move’. Can these abilities be used when another ability allows the unit to make a normal move with additional restrictions (e.g. ‘a normal move of D6”’)?

If a model with the Flying Transport ability is in the Battle Regiment core battalion, can other units from the battalion be set up inside that model’s garrison when the battalion is set up?

Some abilities can be done “instead of” and action. This implies that if you use the ability you cannot use that action. if it is not stated in the ability, how long are you not able to use that action for? For example, if you have an ability you can use instead of a normal move, and another ability allowing you to normal move in the hero phase, does that prevent you making a normal move in that hero phase, that turn, or that round?

If a Skyvessel is chosen to be the unit for the Barak Zilfin ability ‘There’s always a breeze if you look for it’, can that Skyvessel ‘Fly High’ instead of the normal move or retreat? If it can, are units with the ‘Hitchers’ ability able to hitch a lift when it does so? If they are able to hitch a lift, are units that did so able to make a normal move in the subsequent movement phase?

If you use the Barak Mhornar ability ‘Opportunistic Privateer’ the Skyvessel is prevented from making a normal move (8.1) or retreat (8.2)in the first battle round. Can that Skyvessel run (8.3) in the first battle round?

Can an Aether Khemist control (19.5.1) a predatory endless spell cast using the Spell in a Bottle artefact of Power? If so, can that endless spell be moved (19.5.2) despite the Aether Khemist not being a Wizard?

The ‘Hitchers’ ability can be used when a Skyvessel uses its ‘Fly High’ ability. It states that after the Skyvessel ‘has moved’ the unit hitching a lift can be removed from the battlefield and set up again… however, when a Skyvessel uses its ‘Fly High’ ability it is not considered to have moved. Should the Hitchers ability say after the Skyvessel ‘has been set up’?

Normally a unit can leave a garrison ‘at the end of your movement phase’ (17.2.2). The ‘Flying Transport’ ability says units cannot join or leave the garrison if it ‘has made a move or flown high in the same phase (they can join or leave before it does so)’. Does the Flying Transport rule mean a unit can leave a Skyvessel during the movement phase instead of at the end of the movement phase? Or, does it mean a unit can only leave a garrison at the end of the movement phase if the Skyvessel has remained stationery that phase?

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