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Ep 148 Resident Evil 1 (Biohazard) Done Quick

In this “Done Quick” we talk about Resident Evil. Want to know all about this game but don’t want to put 20 hours into playing it? Then listen here and be ready to be the expert tomorrow!


The Top 5 Trivia:

Resident Evil’s Japanese name is Biohazard. It had to be changed for American release because of a band with the same name.

The Japanese version used the English dub even though Capcom recorded a Japanese version. This was, ironically, because Capcom thought the Japanese dub was too horrible. Funny enough the English dub is considered some of the worst in video game history.

Albert Wesker is the only Resident Evil character that appears or is mentioned in every Resident Evil game except for the spinoffs. He is pretty much the catalyst for the whole series. In Resident Evil 0 he appears in certain cutscenes. In Resident Evil 2 & 3 the player can find his desk in the S.T.A.R.S’ office. If examined the player will say that it belongs to Wesker, leader of the S.T.A.R.S unit. In Resident Evil 4 he is mentioned by Ada Wong and seen on a small monitor. In Code Veronica he plays a vital role in the storyline, appearing in certain key moments. In Resident Evil 5 he is the main antagonist. In Resident Evil 6 he is mentioned by Chris Redfield when Chris is talking to Jake, Wesker’s son.

Although the genre was not entirely new, this was the first game to use and coin the term “survival horror”.

The canon ending can not be achieved in the game. The best ending for both scenarios has only three characters surviving (Jill, Chris and Barry or Jill, Chris and Rebecca). The characters Jill, Chris, Barry have all appeared in at least one video game taking place after the events of the original Resident Evil videogame. Rebecca returned alongside Chris in the Capcom produced CGI animated feature film Resident Evil Vendetta which is part of the main canon.

The “Done REALLY Quick”:


A man and a woman enter a spooky mansion, play with some animals and homeless people, set the bitch on fire and get the hell out of there, but with zombies.

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