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Michel Desmarquet and Thiaoouba Prophecy - A Book of Warnings From the ETs with an Advanced Civilization....peace


Tonight we talk about Michel Desmarquet and his book, Thiaoouba Prophecy, a book of warnings from the ETs with an advanced civilization.

Samuel Chong has devoted a great deal of his life to studying Thiaoouba Prophecy.  He joins us and we talk about:

- The purpose of the Universe and our life on Earth

- True dangers in life, surpassing the atomic destruction

- Conscious reincarnation, life after death

- Big Bang, creation and evolution

- Astral travel, telepathy, levitation, development of the mind

- Aura and its significance

- 1.3 million years of past civilisations on Earth

- Knowledge and sciences lost on Earth

- Great Pyramid as a cosmic tool

- Life on Mars and in our Galaxy

- Parallel Universe on Earth, Bermuda Triangle

- Space travel by transubstantiation

- Universal Law

- the Law of the Universe

- The future …

……..and more…

Thank you everybody.  I appreciate you so much.

We will meet again……………………



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