The Fighting Entrepreneur

There are 2 MAJOR things I want to talk about.1. If you are one of marketers profiting off scaring people about the coronavirus then STOP IT!It gives our industry a bad name when marketers make post using the REAL FEAR of coronavirus to make money. If you think this is an opportunity to profit, then we’re NEVER going to do business together!Not in a week, a month, or even a year from now. NOT EVER!This is a real pandemic and people are dying. This is not the time to use someone’s fear to profit. It needs to stop!2. STOP PUBLICLY SHAMING PEOPLE.Here is the realty – -People are stocking up on supplies as they see fit – and yes, that includes toilet paper.-The Stock Market has taken a serious hit!-The NBA, NHL, MLS and several other major sports leagues have effectively ended their season.-Airlines have seen dramatic losses in ticket sales – meaning loss in revenue.There is nothing about this situation that should lead anyone to believe that this is not serious. So, when I see Person A online publicly shaming Person B for how they react to the virus, I say it needs to stop. The fear is real, the effects of this virus is real and yes people are dying from this. No one has the right to tell someone how they are supposed to react to this pandemic.People are losing their jobs and they fear for the lives of their loved ones.It is not your job to tell them how they are supposed to feel or how they should react.  I’m curious…To the marketers who feel they need to profit of the fear and death that the coronavirus has brought us…                -is it worth it to a few extra dollars? To anyone who is willing to publicly shame someone for preparing for a crisis the way they see fit..- Are contributing anything with your negative comments?  What we can do is spread some positivity and stop trying to profit of this pandemic.As a community, we can come together as we have done in the past and see our way through this.Stay safe everyone.

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