What does it mean to live be in alignment with your soul.   How do we get there?    This void that many are feeling and transmutation of energy is that of moving differently.   That includes living with everyday Intuition, trusting your compass,  loving yourself, and others -  even in all the craziness maintaining a calmness and peace about you?  Finding joy, gratitude, happiness in the present moment. Stopping the mind spin of worrying about things you don’t even know that are going to happen.  

We are intuitive beings by nature, so why is it we aren’t able to just use it?    We walk upon mother earth that has the vibration of love so why is it difficult to love ourselves, and love others unconditionally and without tethers.  

 Our energy fields are built to have both masculine and feminine energy.   The feminine side of our frequency creates more of those energy knowing’s.  Yes, you can be a man and be intuitive, just as a woman can have strong drive, but the intuitive knowing’s comes from a frequency of love, heart, compassion vs the analytical frequencies based on actions.     Sounds like we should be pretty balanced

You can’t think your way into using your intuition.  You can’t think your way into love, compassion, 

You can consciously move your energy from your mind to your heart – so why don’t we do that naturally.  Or did we at one time know this, and we’ve forgotten or been conditioned to live and be another way.  

Our intuition functions from our emotional body and the mental body then can create the actions and strategy for the actions.   We’ve been taught and conditioned to function from our mental body.  Think things through before you act.  Think before you speak.  Have a plan before you act.   But where did we become so locked into analysis paralysis that we think-think-think-think and then never act,   or are fear-bound from loving,  or connecting.  

We want to use our intuition in tandem with our mental body there are some things we’ll need to unlearn.    Somethings we’ll need to work on to bring that natural balance of our being together.  Let them work together vs. fighting.   Is is heart over head or head over heart.   The mind is pretty powerful and through the mind we can create shift, changes, and beginning driving our life to what we want and what is in alignment for us.     So how do we align?

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