Soulful Attraction
(036) Live in the New Earth NOW (a practice to help you attune yourself to a higher frequency)

(036) Live in the New Earth NOW (a practice to help you attune yourself to a higher frequency)

We are casting our vote for which dimension we want to live within with every thought, belief, action, and story - either we are rehearsing old scripts based in fear/obligation that have been programmed into us through society or our upbringing (3D) - or we are creating the NEW paradigm of LOVE, joy, passion, and UNITY (5D) by CHOOSING a new way. do we do it?

How do we start to BE 5th dimensional, move into our hearts, and cast our vote to be living within the New Earth - within ourselves?

Today’s episode is a simple practice that can help you get HONEST with yourself about your unique TRUTH, and what is resonating as JOY and fun for you….rather than buying into the distortions of what we “should be” doing. 

As a collective, we are moving out of obligation and into OPPORTUNITY - away from victimhood and into CREATORSHIP.  

So...what do you choose?

Which dimension do you choose to live within?

Where are you paying rent (with your focus, beliefs, stories etc.)?

It is always a choice.

You are the creator.

Choose to create the life you came here to live. One of FUN, joy, PLAY, passion, excitement...and all of your wildest dreams.

It’s time.

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