Black Flame Immersion: The Diabolist ™
Black Flame Immersion: The Diabolist ™

Black Flame Immersion: The Diabolist ™

The Black Flame Immersion Podcast was created for the sole purpose of bringing forth a singular individuality format, within the veins of Diabolism. Diabolism, as defined and utilized by the BFI Podcast, signifies a removal of Abrahamic infiltrate in all formats, and relies solely on the individual to carve his or her path alone. With the common goal of the individual to reach the motion of Diabolist; the Diabolist being the practitioner of his or her own pathworking. Diabolist is a term & title, first utilized by the host of BFI Podcast, to differentiate and reach escape velocity from the term "Satanist". Since Diabolist never appeared as a motion, nor had it been utilized in this context before in educational formatting prior to our first episode in October of 2018, it was deemed appropriate to do so, and has been utilized for over 15 years by the host exclusively; when the entire world salivated over hyphenated Satanism, the outlier was myself and a few others in the shadows. Anyone currently using this title in educational formats, to include podcasts, websites or video hosting, does not represent BFI, nor are they affiliated with BFI in any way. Diabolist ™ is a trademark in the registration process, of the hosts of the BFI Podcast, and rightfully so, to protect the value of individuality, and our listenership. I hold tight, and rightfully so, to a title which defines my spirituality and individuality within a hand carved, blood forged and arduous path.

Diabolism as a finite practice point and the attached Diabolist, follow no dogma, doctrine, or book, and this podcast reaffirms self control, critical thinking, self awareness, and assertiveness towards the lackluster, and prominent charlatanism, that is vastly present in the occult community. We must leave the past behind us, leave the influences and the trappings and pitfalls behind us, and we must never look back, we are no longer going that way!

This podcast is for a person who values spirituality, but first and foremost a foundation; we are not directors or teachers, we are merely guidance counselors. We are here to discuss the basis in gnosis surrounding the topics mentioned in each podcast, and we provide quality, lengthy, and intense subject matter, that far exceeds your typical 10 minute blurb about reverse-christianity, or gold packaged atheism. We are invested in ourselves first and foremost, and that in turn will provide an investment into you as a listener. This is NOT an easy path, and failure is much more prevalent than success. If you're here looking for books, magic spells, politics or activism, step by step instructions to summon the devil, or the like, you may be best suited elsewhere. However, if you have come to the crossroads of your life and self, and the status quo isn't working for you any longer, then you are in the right place. Listen, absorb, ask questions, connect, and take the harder right, instead of the easier wrong. The hardest war you will ever engage, is the war with yourself. Your life, and expiration depend on remembering this, and always remember YOU should never be a reflection of another, YOU are exactly what YOU need.

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