"When we can first and foremost go on the inner journey of loving self FIRST, then we get to offer that and experience that with other people."

In the moments we experience where we realize we are not proud of something we've done, or when we realize our actions or words could've been different, the magic in these moments lies in the decision to NOT turn against yourself. The magic is not in your sudden critiques of yourself and your role in those moments. The magic is in choosing to learn about that dark spot within yourself while embracing it for what it is. The magic is in loving this part of yourself on a deeper, unconditional level.

The voice in your head that tells you, "you should've done better," is always the voice/source that needs to be loved more. Happiness isn't in shutting down and walking away. It's in walking towards your darkness with open arms.

When you are upset with others, jealous of others, angry with others, choose to love your anger and allow it to know that you are HERE for it. Hold this sacred space for yourself, to align every aspect of your BEing with love.

In this episode, we talk about:

1. We are experiencing a time of serious expansion and growth, which can be an extremely painful process in our lives.

2. It's the places within us that are not fully aligned in love that will be exposed, or are being exposed now.

3. Kaia Ra's The Sophia Code - "The Corinthians"

4. The answer to everything is LOVE

5. The "You should've done better" needs more love

6. Creating our 'Heaven on Earth'

7. Happiness isn't in shutting down and walking away

8. Having compassion for others among jealousy, competition, etc.

9. Holding the space for love

10. The 'gold' lies in loving ourselves first

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