Yesterday morning I was woken up by a certain realization that I want to offer to you with this Episode. There's a lot happening in the U.S. let alone our whole world - like a lot. Our usual way of understanding what's happening is through the news and media…but today I'm bringing to you a different perspective; a "risky" perspective. What if you didn't believe everything you were being shown and told on TV? How different would your life be, or how would it change, if the last three pieces of news you heard about weren't true?

We are manifestors and creators; we create the reality we want and the reality we BELIEVE in. What we give our attention to is WHERE WE ARE. Let that sink in for a second….If recent news has controlled your mood on a daily basis, I invite you to step back and think about WHY. Are you asking questions, are you taking notice of how your reality is influenced by something on the TV or on your phone? It's time to snap into a discerning mode, and take control of our feelings and manifestations.

If your perspective on life is that you can be happy everyday no matter what's happening around you then that's your TRUTH…and a pretty good one if I may say! Perspective creates our reality - with this episode I invite you to be aware of your perspectives on life, and how what you hear or see in the media may influence this.

In this episode, we talk about:

1. Morning Realizations

2. Don't always believe what you see

3. Feeling good is OUR responsibility

4. What if everything you see on the TV isn't true?

5. Humans are easy to condition

6. Where are attention is, is where WE ARE

7. Do you know your 'focus' in life?

8. Perception and control

9. 3 main takeaways

Leave a comment to let me know what you think about this Podcast, or reach out to me with a private message! Hope this is helpful for you all, thank you for your support! Here's To YOU!

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