From Corners Unknown

Download this episode by clicking the arrow button to the right of this player: DownloadHowdy super meat critters of the void! This week Ryan and I continue our beef lad ways by conversing about Obsidian Kingdom’s new album MEAT MACHINE. Ryan brings in his knowledge having had listened to this band for quite some time while I frolic about as a newbie. This album is a trip with a platter of strange vocals, moments of synth, and drastic tempo/genre changes. Logically this means I bring in random tangents that have very little to do with the actual music, such as Arnie’s love for the muscle pump! Prepare yourself to hear a decent amount of meat talk as well (sorry vegans and veggies). Remember that stupid Sausage Party movie? Well, we (mostly Connor) come up with a pretty badass Gerard Butler steak hunk action version.Despite our typical immature ramblings, this album displays some high caliber musicianship. MEAT MACHINE is a genre-bending ride of oddities that mostly adventure in a progressive metal/rock realm. Moments of electronic pop surprisingly fork their way in seamlessly. The sudden changes in vocal delivery fit the experimental craftwork in well-thought-out ways. Some tracks are downright fun with upbeat melodies, while others lay down the meat with some peculiarly tinged heft. Lyrics display bizarre scenarios or interesting modern-day societal comparisons. Fuck there are even human-dog barks. This is one to get weird and funky to, I tell you what.Obsidian Kingdom is a band from Barcelona, Spain that formed in 2005. Over the years they have released three full-length albums (four, if you include their electronic remix record, Torn & Burnt). Each one explores a diverse sound in terms of experimental progressive rock and metal. Since we recorded this podcast episode I have delved into their discography and have truly discovered how much they branch out with sound. The energy, passion, and risk the band puts into their art shows. MEAT MACHINE was released on September 25th, 2020.

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