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Celebrity AMA #1: Fasting, rapamycin, performance vs. longevity, and more

Celebrity AMA #1: Fasting, rapamycin, performance vs. longevity, and more

In this special, bonus celebrity AMA episode, Peter answers questions from former Olympians and past guests, Apolo Ohno and Sasha Cohen, on a wide range of subjects including fasting, learning, training for performance versus longevity, and much more. This bonus AMA is available in full to everyone.

Apolo's questions begin [1:45];

Why women may have a harder time fasting, and tips for those who are struggling [2:10];

Is there any place for fasting as part of a nutritional strategy in adolescents? [6:15];

Tips for learning and retaining large amounts of new information (and the best nutritional approach) [9:15];

Must read books of 2019 [14:45;

If you could only keep a few watches for the rest of your life which would they be? [16:45];

What workout would Peter do inside a hotel room? [22:15];

What is Peter’s ultimate gorge meal? [23:45];

How do you foresee fasting as a mechanism for performance in athletes? [25:30];

What is driving Peter to strive for excellence? [33:30];

Sasha's questions begin [38:40];

What are you most excited about in the longevity space? [38:45];

At what point do you see enough data or proof that a new drug, or type of fasting is worth trying it out for yourself? [41:30];

Is it possible to obsess so much about your health that it becomes a negative stressor? [46:45];

Which tests are worth doing if you want to be proactive about your health? [48:15];

Are there any supplements Peter things are beneficial to be taking? [55:15];

How does Peter’s training differ when optimizing for performance versus longevity? [56:30];

How does taking testosterone and growth hormone affect performance versus longevity? [59:15]; and


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