For the longest time, success has been equal to how much money and property you own, but is that really the end goal? Is that truly what success is all about?

Terry Condon of The Cashflow Co. joins us as we challenge the notion that success can be measured by zeros in your bank account (or how many properties you own, for that matter). 

That’s not to say money isn’t important, but how do we use it as a tool rather than view it as an end in itself? How can we take control?

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Episode Highlights:

Why money management is important to overall happiness & well-being [01:53]

How people should approach money from the start [03:24]

Terry’s definition of a rich life [05:29]

Balancing saving money & investing on life & other essentials [08:12]

Alignment versus fulfilment [11:02]

Distinguishing ‘well-off’ from ‘well-regarded’ people [12:09] 

Problems the 21st Century has created in how people manage money [14:06]

Behaviour & identity affect the way people manage money [17:34]

Creating fulfilment through mortgage repayments [19:12]

Consider if your dream house is worth whatever you need to sacrifice in return [21:11]

“Property therapy” for couples & figuring out what they want in property [23:10]

Couple dynamics during property searches [27:21]

Overcoming “baggage” that hinders people from making better decisions [30:00]

It’s all “behavioural advantage” when it comes to money [34:42]

Creating urgency to act on their wants [38:16]

Mindset matters with money [40:32] 

The alarming observation that people like to be spoon-fed [44:39]

Why did they name their podcast the Passive Income Project? [48:58]

How Veronica got started in real estate [51:58]

Terry’s property dumbo [55:19]

The Australian psyche of “you can’t lose in property” [01:06:12]


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About our Guest:

Terry Condon is the Chief Education Officer at The Cashflow Co., a money mentorship program, and co-host of the Passive Income Project podcast. He’s driven by the idea that financial intelligence and emotional intelligence can enable most Aussies to build a rich life.


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