Top 4 Things You Can Do To Find Meaningful Work in a New City

Top 4 Things You Can Do To Find Meaningful Work in a New City

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Moving to a new city can be a shock in itself. Even more so when you are talking about a new country. 

Scott and Andrew discuss high-value methods to finding meaningful work in a new city.

Top 4:

Networking that includes a perfect excuse.

Flock together with affinity groups.

Leverage your spouses relationships.

Join things.

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welcome to job seekers radio. I'm Andrew and I'm Scott this production. This podcast is meant to provide you meaningful support to find great careers ears faster whether you're working or not. Today's episode is the top four things you can do to find meaningful work in a new city. This is a really common circumstance that people find themselves all the time. It could be that you've relocated to a new city because your spouse or significant other has. You're you're going along with them. It could be that you had an opportunity to try something different because you were out of work and you wanted to move moved to a city that you really wanted to try out. There are so many reasons but it is. None of them are uncommon. The one I run into most often Scott is. I'll have somebody come. I'm here on maybe an H1B Visa. And they bring a spouse along and the spouses some of them I've seen are like MD's PhD's I mean they're highly educated. They have decades of experience. And they're in a new country and they don't know what to do and it's a new environment and new experience and really we want to give those people an opportunity entity to really know that there's four things that you can do today to change that circumstance or that situation. One person that I've been talking to recently has has come to the Portland area from New York City actually I've spoken to a couple of people from upstate New York and they want to be here. They both came here with great expectations. One because he wanted he and his family wanted to try out Portland though. They weren't familiar with it. They'd heard a lot about the other. One actually got a job out here. In both cases they weren't familiar with the people here they didn't have a lot of friends. They had some acquaintances but thought they didn't really know where to start and they're probably in some shock. Yeah new surroundings getting used to new culinary norms shore. That idea of shock I I think is something that people are expecting when they go to a city especially when they th- chosen this city. Oh they heard so many good things about it it and how welcoming the city may be and how newcomers are really treated very well and they get there and they still find themselves sort of isolated. They don't the people they don't know how to take the next step or even what the next step out look like and so that shock is probably what everybody has in common. What most of the folks that I know are there in this situation? They do have financial capacity. They have a runway Brian on the they're not really being stretched a capacity but they really really want to get back to work sure because they were highly valued in the country or the place they came from and now they're in a place. Where wow this is the first? This is weird. I'm in a new country new city. I don't really know anybody. I have all these skills and I just don't know where to take him so the other thing is yes. They have financial resources but also they have a visa or What would you call it? A the the spouse might be hurting H. One B. But there's a separate permit to work. They have to obtain Brian. So we're not gonNA talk about the permits legalities right. It's constantly changing or certainly not subject matter experts. But it's important if you're coming to a new country that you figure all that stuff ou...

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