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With all the job gurus and career pundits telling us what is right and good and true - it's hard to know where to start and what to do. 

Scott and Andrew discover, with all the noise, what the #1 hidden secret to career success is for all of us.

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Measuring success.

Taking stock of what works and what doesn't

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welcome to job seekers radio. I'm Andrew and I'm Scott. This production is meant to provide meaningful support to fight great careers faster eastern whether you're working or not today's episode is brought to you by the anatomy of never came conversation. It's an e book a free resource to download at job seekers radio DOT COM in. It's our free gift to you. Today's episode we're talking about the number one hidden secret of career success. Yes there are a lot of ways to look at success I remember in my youth feeling that as an actor or the only measurement measurement of success would be that Academy award or a Tony Award. Whatever that might look like and I remember hearing someone say no it really is just winning? Whatever it is? You're going for whether that's a specific part whether that is getting a paid gig being just voice talent whatever that might be that all of these are measures of success and I remember totally dismissing that Of course I was also in my teens and probably lacked any life experience audience to be able to make a judgment on in the first place so as we talk about hidden secrets we really do. Come back to the idea that it could be something. That's really right in front of you. It's amazing how when we look at our careers and we think about success. We're always looking for the easy way. The the path of least resistance for getting to the path of least resistance. Maybe it takes a little effort. But I'M GONNA make it too easy street right. Something that does require effort On any of our parts and and really when we talk about the tools available accessible to us in career and we talk about success the first one. That always comes up with anybody buddy. I coach is the resume and we talk about success for resume. What does that look like? We have spoken on resumes a lot and we always come back to the idea that the best way to judge a resume is to use the one that works the one that gets you calls. And that was advice that I got from a Recruiter and head hunter that I had turned to to ask we what works for you and she turned that around on me. Well what works for you. What gets you the calls? That's the one you should use. Her point in the larger conversation was to try a lot of them. Use the works trial and error improve. Always always look for ways to attract an interview through that method Shurmur that document. We do want the resume in this case to be interesting to let people know what you have done. Most importantly the value you brought in whatever it is that you had done. So that's why they talk about accomplishment so if you're on the sales side what what kind of sales percentages were you dealing with you know. Put the numbers in there. You make it recognizable for the people that you're sending the resume too so they can see. There is value behind the accomplishments or the tasks that you were responsible for one of the reasons you may actually be on this podcast right now is is perhaps your resume is not working for you and that is a way to determine whether or not to move to another method sure in the method. We often advocate. And you can probably see that from virtually. All of the episodes we've put together is netwo...

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