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Dealing with a boss, a manager, or a leader that is toxic can be an emotional powder keg. Coping with this very common situation can be challenging.

Scott and Andrew share ideas around coping with impotent leaders in sometimes toxic work environments.

Don't miss these Topics:

Strategies for coping in a healthy way.

Perception and reality - understanding the current state and the truth.

Qualifying job opportunities to confirm toxicity.

Concurrently performing and coping.

Seeking 3rd Party Support through coaching, counseling, therapy, and mentoring.

Be the leader you wish you had.

Evaluation of options and making decisions about what to do.

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welcome to job seekers radio. I'm Andrew and I'm Scott. This production is meant to provide you the listener meaningful support to find great careers faster. Whether you're you're working or not in today's episode. We're talking about healthily coping with impotent leadership and internal politics and what do you do in. Your leader is really a red head. Hot Mess Yeah. It's a topic that comes up often you. There are many articles out there. A quick Google search will get you there. We did want to talk about it. Not because others have it but because I think we have a voice to speak we both have experience with toxic leaders. I think everyone WHO's been around this block more than once has and it's surprising to me that it continues to be such a common instance? I guess what what makes some specific boss or a certain environmental is going to depend a lot on how that person or organization has grown into the position. They're in so there's going to be a unique set of reasons. I don't think we need to really analyze the reasons why they're there. It's really just. How do we cope with this situation? And especially for those who have had a lot of experience in their work and then suddenly find themselves back in a situation that feels toxic or dealing with a leader. Who doesn't seem to lead? Well it can be really frustrating. So we I WANNA talk about this from a sort of a step back in how we can help ourselves to cope with these situations and find ways to improve awesome. Tell me if this sounds like you. Have you ever had a new boss or a new leader. Yeah I think we all have. Have you been promised things that didn't happen Many times okay. Tell me this sounds like you is the leader. Favoring somebody else over you never never happens right now or maybe you feel isolated you know working remotely as do. I sometimes feel isolated. I'm not getting face time or I'm not getting recognition or I'm not. There's certain things I'm not getting really it comes to our own perceptions are we actually perceiving this accurately and so. That's a really good caveat to start the conversation sometimes times. We don't see things as clearly as they appear. What we WANNA talk about isn't so much dealing with the times when we misunderstand ended when we want to encourage everyone to to look at that objectively tried to get as much input about it from co workers or other leaders or people who used to work work with with these people because you can always find that out on linked and do your due diligence to determine whether or not this is truly a toxic situation or your leader really isn't a good leader whether that's true impotence? In the sense that they don't have the power to make positive change or maybe they just do play play favorites. Let let's or they choose not to make a decision. They abdicate. Certain responsibilities that that's another thing that we see all the tim...

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