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"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Can't eliminate fear, can only manage it.

pros and cons review action and non-action alternatives

getting out of your own head by helping others get out of theirs

thinking about the things you fear on paper

turning fear into self-advocacy

reaching to outside resources like a coach, therapist, or EAP.

Understanding conflict and gaining new perspectives

Role reversal technique: would you help others if in the same situation?

Turn to the people who care about you

Baby Steps

ACRONYM: False Evidence Appearing Real

build self confidence and safety through considering all the alternatives

identify fear and mitigate its impact

what are your decisions based on and are they helping you?

process of letting go and trying NEW things

making proactive decisions

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What Color is Your Parachute

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Welcome to Job Seekers Radio I'm Andrew. I'm Scott this production is meant to provide you the listener meaningful support to fight great careers faster, and that's whether you're working or not. Today's episode is brought to you by the anatomy of a networking conversation e book. It's a free resources you can download at job. Seekers radio DOT COM in today's show. We're talking about making career decisions without fear. Now I don't know if you're ever goes away. No, it's an. It's a manageable thing maybe depending on. Yeah. and. Really we brought this to the four because of a lot of things that are going on, not only in our our lives, maybe or even in our coaching interactions, but also in just in the world in society. In general, we're dealing with a pandemic. We have the black lives matter movement. We have a lot of political unrest going on just within the United States, not to mention what's going on around the world. There's a lot going on that. Can create fear and so we're just going to talk about career in the job search and again. That's whether you're working or not. Fear is involved. Regardless of where you are it, it's one of those things where you might even feel like. Is it really fear or is there some other emotional feeling? It's great to explore that and that's basically where we're going to go and we acknowledge. Right Scott that outside influences can either fuel or Exacerbate your fear. So we're not gonNA cover that part of it, but we acknowledged that that exists we're talking about. Is it possible? Is it possible to make career decisions without fear? Yeah I. Remember I'm going to paraphrase probably badly, but I believe I know it was an army general that said it. I believe it was pat that made the comment that fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act well in spite of it and again that's probably a poor paraphrase, but you get the just, and I like to come back to that thought whenever I am looking at something that is triggering fear in me. Is that if I can make progress? However, small that progress is if I'm still moving in the right direction. It's still progress can I do that while managing my fear, and that's really what works for me, the idea of managing it not getting rid of it. You can't I can't i. in fact I read an article not too long ago. That suggested that those who actually do act without any. That's a disorder so. That helps me feel better about managing my fears well when I first heard that question I was like well. Maybe maybe you can manage these career decisions without herb. Maybe not it really just depends on your perspective absolutely,

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