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Getting noticed by a hiring manager can take some effort. You have interest in a company or even a specific position, but are unsure about how to get on the radar.

Scott and Andrew discuss some strategies for finding hiring managers and getting their attention.

Don't miss these Topics:

Getting around the applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment processes.

Reverse engineering the roles and industry trends based on research to craft attention grabbing mindsets.

Leveraging industry associations and relationships to get introductions.

Position your expertise to align with current events and trends.

Tracking and keeping tabs on hiring managers of interest through authentic engagement.

Identifying problems you solve or can help them avoid proactively.

Incubating and updating hiring managers with valued content.

Be an extension of the hiring manager's work by becoming a subject-matter expert (SME) and bringing information back to the team.

Share the truth about your capabilities and accomplishments.

Volunteering alongside hiring managers with similar interests.

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welcome to Job Seekers Radio Andrew and I'm Scott. This production is meant to provide you meaningful support to find great careers faster. And that's why they're you're working or not today. We're talking about getting on the hiring managers radar this can be challenging and it's going to be different in every situation but we want to talk about this in just general terms because often there are ways to get on the radar that either we forget about. We don't know about or that. We sure whether or not it's going to be effective and so we don't try and I think the first step is you gotta try what you know. Hopefully we can build on that today. Today's episode is actually brought to you by the anatomy of a networking conversation. It's an e book that Scott Ni- put together to free sort resource for you on job. Seekers RADIO DOT COM. You can download that at your leisure. The challenge with getting on the hiring managers radar is feedback. That I've gotten from a lot of job seekers that I coached those ones that are working in ones. That are not that are just trying to get. I don't WanNa say around recruitment or talent acquisition. But really they WANNA talk to a human being and often. They're not able to because of all the layers of process that stand between them and the company so many companies now are using automated systems to go through a recruiting process and so it is difficult to get in touch with a human being and we recognize that. Turn the tables just long enough to to think about why they would wanna do that. I can't really blame them. Having been on both sides of the coin both as a hiring manager as well as a job seeker. The hiring manager needs help anymore. I don't know. Many companies that have a lot of recruiters are a lot of people that have the bandwidth to be doing a lot of the sourcing. Most the recruiters I know have an enormous number of tickets open for positions that they need to hire people into and it can be daunting so the automated systems that they use help them to find people with the right qualifications at least with the right keywords. So all of the PODCAST THAT. We've we've already done where we're talking about how to get into that. All of that still applies. Hopefully we can maintain a sense of empathy for those who are going through all of that processing the ones that are reaching out using these automated systems. We want to help them to find us. So that's really elite sort of the the perspective we WanNa start with today. Part of this is really reverse engineering.

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