Join Rob today as he conveys the motivational words to live by as written by Eknarth Easwaran. Rob discusses the importance of remembering that you are on your own individual journey, to always ensure you regularly renew your energy and to listen to those who have walked the path before you.



Always remember that what you perceive is just an image in your mind and you're limiting your brain's potential to take in that information. The image you see of what you are capable of achieving, is just your own image. In coaching terms, you always need to ask the question ‘is there more to this story?’ ‘what else could have happened as an additional opposing factor that would change my opinion?’


Always remember that it is your journey. We are all individuals and we have many similarities, but we have so many differences. Yes we are all human beings and we are all physiologically similar, but the little subtle differences which science does not understand makes us all different. The more we tap into our individuality, the happier and more committed we can be on our journey.


You have to regularly learn to empty yourself so that you can be renewed and refilled. This is the power of sleep, rest, rejuvenation and letting the tension go. Take yourself out for a walk, meditate and get quality sleep so that you can come back with less tension.


Never forget that every single thought you have counts. A thought process will often lead to a verbalisation, it might be self talk and then it might be a conversation. The conversation will grow into actions and habits. The seeds of manifestation are your thoughts.


Listen to those who have walked the path before you. Observe how they communicate and how they are as a person as this tells you more than the information itself. What goes into your mind and your brain, when it goes into your heart, that is what you truly are, and that is the person you will truly be and therefore that is the influence you can give on the world.



“At the end of the day, as autonomous human beings, Eknarth reminds us for the good of ourselves, we have our own desire and will.”

“We are all driven to achieve our own desires.”

“We are completely individual.”

“ If you have a thought about something remember it is powerful.”



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Rob Ryles is a UEFA A licensed coach with a League Managers Association qualification and a science and medicine background. He has worked in the football industry in Europe, USA, and Africa; at International, Premiership, League, Non-League and grassroots levels with both World Cup and European Championship experience.


Rob Ryles prides himself on having a forward thinking and progressive approach to the game built through his own experience as well as lessons learned from a number of highly successful managers and coaches.


The Leader Manager Coach Podcast is where we take a deep dive examining knowledge, philosophies, wisdom and insight to help you lead, manage and coach in football, sport and life.





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