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Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode number 62! Today, I am talking with John Zimmerman from Sporty's Pilot Shop. In this episode, John and I talk about...

How Sportys is just a collection of pilots that made a business.
John talks about his earliest memory of aviation.
How John grew up around aviation without realizing he could be a pilot.
How the aviation industry isn’t the best at inviting new pilots in.
John talks about his training.
How John claims he made every mistake there ever was.
Talks about being a weekend warrior in Ohio.
Why John thinks he did his training wrong.
How John realized he needed a more structured training syllabus to get his license.
How John knew at an early age he didn’t want to be an airline pilot.
But, John still wanted to get a job in aviation.
How to stay involved in aviation while you are in college.
John talks about flying different types of aircraft early on.
What it was like being a pilot in High School.
What it's like to have an incomplete check ride.
We talk about how aviation is very Humbling.
How John got started at Sportys.
How John helped create the first true ADSB receiver.
How data link weather makes you a safer pilot.
We talk about how far aviation has come in the last 10 years.
We talk about the future of aviation.
Will there ever be single pilot airline operations?

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