Hays Journal: How meditation can benefit your career – Dr Megan Jones Bell, Headspace

In this Hays Journal podcast, Dr Megan Jones Bell, Chief Strategy and Science Officer at Headspace shares how meditation and mindfulness can improve your overall mental health and wellbeing, in both your personal and professional life.

You can read the full transcript here: https://social.hays.com/2020/10/04/hays-journal-19-how-meditation-benefit-career-megan-jones-bell-headspace/

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(01:08) It would be great if you could introduce yourself to our listeners, telling us a little bit about Headspace and the work that you do there.

(02:34) What sparked your passion for supporting mental health and working in that area?

(04:10) And have you seen attitudes change towards mental health in the workplace since the beginning of the pandemic? And if so, how has this impacted Headspace?

(06:03) Well, it's great to hear that it's accelerated and that attitudes and the stigma associated with it has been tackled, and we're allowing people to be vulnerable and have these discussions. Do you think this is a positive trend that will continue for employees in the future going forward as well?

(07:29) You mentioned some of the benefits that companies are offering there. And according to the 2020 mental health trends report by Headspace, which was released in August, 89% of workers, think that their company should be offering mental health benefits to their employees. What have you found that organisations are doing to support their employees to practice good mental health?

(11:00) Could you give us a quick introduction as to what you mean by meditating and recommend how someone completely new to meditation could get started?

(14:15) You mentioned some of the benefits just now, but are there other examples of benefits that meditation can provide on both a personal and professional level?

(16:20) Do you think meditation could help people to be more successful in the new era of work where creativity, adaptability and problem-solving are set to become more important as we have to deal with more changes and adapt?

(18:40) So, it certainly seems that being mindful can help professionals be more successful in their career?

(19:12) For those of our listeners who are currently managing busy schedules inside and outside of work, how would you recommend they go about finding the time to fit in that meditation into their day-to-day lives and their work routines as well?

(22:10) You mentioned some companies that are promoting meditation programs, do you have any examples of organisations that have effectively implemented those programs to help support their employees? And what impact has this had on their workforce?

(24:52) It's obvious that meditation can have immense benefits and I would recommend our listeners do try it. But some of our listeners might not feel like it's right for them, even after they've tried it. So, what can they do to become more mindful?

(26:36) If you had one piece of advice to help our listeners navigate their careers right now, what would that be?

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