38: The five key competencies marketers need to stand out in their careers - Shake Marketing

What are the key competencies marketeers need to elevate their careers? Listen to our podcast featuring Stacey Danheiser and Dr. Simon Kelly, Principals of Shake Marketing Group to find out.

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(01:02) Please could you introduce yourselves to our listeners?

(02:13) You've both recently released your new book called ‘Stand Out Marketing’. Could you tell us a little bit more about the book and the research that you've conducted around the topic?

(03:25) And in your book, you mentioned the fact that marketing is ‘swimming in a sea of sameness’. Could you explain the concept in more detail?

(04:44) Standing out from the crowd is key to marketing, so in the context of your book, could you please talk us through why that is essential?

(06:20) Which competencies do you think marketeers of today are lacking when it comes to standing out from the crowd?

(08:14) We'll go through each of those elements starting with visionary. What does it mean for marketeers and how can they demonstrate this competency effectively?

(10:56) And talking about the acceleration of technology and being a disruptor, how can marketeers generate creative and innovative ideas that can help their organisations to move forward, or stand out? Do you have any tips?

(13:04) If we could look at the second competency which is activator, that's about, bringing those ideas to life and activating them. How can marketeers go about getting their ideas heard by their managers to progress or to execute in a vision for change?

(15:13) And how can marketeers become more adaptable to modify their strategies accordingly?

(16:19) I guess then, a blocker to doing things differently could be, a person's organisation being quite unwilling or resistant to change. What advice would you give to someone in that position?

(18:10) Why is it so important for marketeers to upskill to keep on learning and developing, especially in this new era of work that is constantly accelerating with changes?

(20:00) I imagine there's a real risk of being left behind if you don't carry on learning throughout your career?

(21:18) Do you have any tips for our listeners to help them effectively upskill in a way that perhaps works for them?

(25:01) As the expectations that are placed on marketing functions continue to increase in this new era of work, marketeers are understandably under a lot of pressure to prove the value of their role in order to demonstrate their usefulness, which brings us on to that term. How can they prove their usefulness effectively?

(28:01) How can marketeers effectively prove their value without suffering from burnout?

(30:12) How important is it for marketeers to assess and analyse whether their activity is having the desired impact?

(33:00) And do you think that the need for these competencies in marketing has increased with the COVID-19 pandemic? And do you think the importance will continue into the new era of work?

(36:57) If you had one piece of advice to help our listeners navigate their careers through the pandemic and beyond, what would that be?

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