37: The experience of women of colour in today’s corporate world - Simi Rayat and Rhonda Williams

In this podcast, Leadership Coach, Simi Rayat and Rhonda Williams, CEO of Dream Life Academy share the key challenges women of colour face in their careers and how to best overcome these obstacles.

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(00:57) Please could you introduce yourself to our listeners?

(02:27) Rhonda, what has been your experience of being a woman of colour in the corporate world?

(04:04) Do you think your experience has changed in any way during the pandemic?

(05:06) What impact do you think that Black Lives Matter and the growing polarisation especially that the US has had?

(06:30) For those listening who may be of other genders or races, how can they go about truly understanding what the unique experience of women of colour in their organisations are and how important is it that they proactively do this?

(09:13) In 2020, it was reported that of all the Fortune 500 CEOs, only 1% were black, 2% were Asian, 2% were Latino and 5% were women. So, there's obviously a lot of work that needs to be done. What do you think had led to this and what impacts does this lack of representation have on the careers and outlook of those just starting out in the world of work?

(11:42) Is the notion of "only-ness" a challenge for women of colour? So, for example, being acutely aware that you are the only person in the room that looks like you. What impact can that have?

(15:22) Simi, we hear a lot about the importance of bringing your authentic self to work every day. Do you think that women of colour in particular struggle to do that? And if so, why, and what other barriers that they face? What steps can they take to overcome these?

(19:34) Do you think there are any other issues and unique challenges women of colour are facing in the workplace right now and how can these be tackled?

(23:24) Do you think that women of colour feel they can't easily call out bias or inequality that they may be experiencing?

(27:58) How important is sponsorship in helping women of colour progress in their careers and how can those that are listening to this podcast go about seeking out sponsorship?

(30:47) What role do allies at work play in helping women of colour and how can our listeners be an ally in the workplace?

(34:13) What is the one piece of careers advice that you would give to our listeners today?

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