36: How to build self-confidence and succeed in your career - Jo Emerson, Self-Confidence Coach

Is a lack of self-confidence negatively impacting your career? Listen to our podcast featuring award winning coach Jo Emerson, who shares her expert advice to help those looking to increase their self-confidence at work.

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(00.50) Please could you introduce yourself to our listeners?

(01:34) Please could you tell us what self-confidence encompasses and why it's so important to career success?

(04:00) What would you say are the signs that someone might have low self-confidence at work?

(05:35) You mentioned one of the main signs being someone not being able to look you in the eye. And in the context of the world that we're in at the moment where we've got frequent Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls, I imagine that it's even harder to identify?

(07:18) And if we look at what the main causes of poor self-confidence are, you mentioned in your answer before that people might think that they're not good enough. What are the main causes of poor self-confidence?

(11:26) I imagine over time that continuous self-doubt could potentially snowball and would be damaging to an individual and their long-term self-confidence. Would you agree?

(13:53) People's self-confidence has no doubt been negatively impacted by the pandemic. As we said, everybody's situation is unique to them and everybody's dealing with various challenges. Could you explain some of the potential reasons behind this and how this lack of self-confidence could manifest itself in people's careers over time?

(16:31) I imagine doing something such as a career date as you mentioned, might give you a boost in confidence from being able to do that in your own home behind a camera when you're in a safe space too?

(17:33) Is there any way of knowing what the long-term impact that it could have on a person's career?

(21:15) Many young professionals with limited experience of the workplace may have lacked self-confidence before the pandemic and there's the potential now that their feeling has only increased over the course of the crisis. What advice would you give to help them boost their self-confidence?

(24:52) For those of our listeners who are applying for new roles but feel less confident when it comes to interviewing, whether that's remotely or face-to-face when we get to that stage again, how can they address their concerns and become more confident during their interview process, from the preparation through to the actual interview itself?

(28:30) So, if someone's followed your great advice, they've passed the interview stage, they've been offered the job and they're about to begin it and they're obviously starting their new job remotely. Is there any advice that you could give people to keep that self-confidence going, it must be a strange thing to start a new job remotely?

(31:27) So, we spoke at the very beginning about maintaining eye contact. Is there any way that our listeners can work on that to ensure that they're communicating in a confident and effective way when they're on video calls and meetings remotely?

(35:38) And for those in a similar situation who are experiencing nerves when preparing for a presentation or speaking in front of other people, do you have any top tips on how they can work on their confidence and what impact will this have on their presentation skills?

(40:59) We're onto our last question and this is a question which we ask all our podcast guests. If you had one piece of advice to give to our listeners to help them navigate their careers throughout this pandemic and beyond what would that be?

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