In this podcast, Transformational Wellbeing Coach, Rosalyn Palmer shares her expert advice to help those that are looking to shine and secure their long-term career progression in the new era of work.

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(01:06) Please could you introduce yourself to our listeners?

(02:21) What impact do you think hybrid or remote working is having on career progression and development?

(03:38)I’d imagine for younger employees; remote working will be more difficult by the fact that they're unable to learn from colleagues without that face-to-face guidance. Is it possible that it's impacting generations differently?

(06:01) With the reduction in face-to-face visibility, it can understandably be very difficult to prove your value in your role to your team and to the wider organisation. Do you have any tips to our listeners on how they can successfully prove their worth?

(09:17) How can our listeners go about communicating success and progress on projects to maintain visibility whilst working remotely?

(10:48) How do you think video communication is impacting professional relationships and how is that affecting career development?

(16:12) How important do you think strong written verbal communications is to succeed when working remotely. For example, is how you communicate via email and instant messaging platforms, just as important as verbal communications?

(18:10) We've spoken about adapting to this new world. Do you think the way in which performance is measured is changing or do you think if it hasn't or isn't already, we can expect it to change with more employees now working remotely?

(20:04) What advice would you give to those who may have been on a promotion path before the pandemic and have perhaps found that progress has stalled?

(22:28) I imagine that advice applies to people who would like to be considered for a promotion as well, but maybe aren't at the moment. For those people, how can they go about sharing their career goals with their manager?

(24:27) Do you think this shift to remote working has led people to feeling like that they're lacking their work mojo, and why do you think this is?

(28:51) Talking about not being able to interact with colleagues and perhaps losing your work mojo. What impact do you think this could have on your career progression going back to that point?

(30:54) How can those suffering (from changing restrictions) combat that?

(36:11) For those that feel their role has become redundant in the new era of work, what's the best way to address this and find the value that they could bring to the organisation?

(39:19) How important is it for our listeners to upskill to demonstrate their willingness to learn and how could they go about this? Do you have any advice around that?

(43:10) I'd imagine that now is a crucial time for our listeners to be building their personal brand too to maintain visibility. Do you have any tips on that which you can share about how listeners can effectively do this and build their personal brand out?

(45:57) If you had one piece of advice to help our listeners navigate their careers through the pandemic and beyond what would that be?

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