34: The impact of COVID-19 on B2B marketers’ careers - Shake Marketing

In this podcast, Stacey Danheiser and Dr. Simon Kelly, Principals of Shake Marketing Group share their expert advice on how B2B marketers and their roles have been impacted by the pandemic and how they may evolve in the new era of work.

You can read the full transcript here: https://social.hays.com/2020/11/19/podcast-34-the-impact-of-covid-19-on-b2b-marketers-careers/

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(01:10) To begin with, please could you introduce yourself to our listeners? Stacey, we'll begin with you.

(01:51) And Simon, how about you? Could you give us an introduction?

(02:46) And do you think customer expectations and behaviours have changed fundamentally for good because of the pandemic, and how is this impacting the role of the B2B marketeer and the work that they do?

(04:44) Stacey, how has the crisis led marketeers to re-evaluate and reconfigure their marketing strategies?

(07:25) Taking all these changes into consideration, do you think that the basics of marketing will still hold true in the new era of work or will they need to be revised to ensure that businesses are able to thrive?

(09:06) Do you think that there's been a shift from the reactive firefighting which we saw at the beginning of the pandemic to a more strategic, long-term thinking within marketing teams?

(09:59) And how will customer value change and impact the tactics that marketers use?

(11:27) Simon, do you have any examples of brands who have done this effectively?

(13:43) What do you think have been the key challenges for B2B marketeers’ as we transitioned through this pandemic?

(15:57) What do you think will be the main obstacles for marketeers over the next year or so, as we continue to navigate through the current crisis?

(17:09) Stacey, which skills do you think will be most important to ensure a successful career in B2B marketing in the future?

(19:24) How can marketers go about effectively upskilling to learn or demonstrate some of these key traits that you just mentioned?

(20:28) And Simon, do you think certain marketing roles will become more important in this new era of work?

(22:39) If you had one piece of advice to help our listeners navigate their careers through the pandemic and beyond, what would that be?

(23:53) Finally, the same question to you Stacey. If you had one piece of advice to help listeners navigate their careers throughout the crisis and beyond what would that be?

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