33: How Gen Z can maintain good mental health as they build their careers - Simi Rayat

In this podcast, Leadership Coach, Simi Rayat shares her top tips on how Gen Z can look after their mental health as they start to build their careers.

You can read the full transcript here: https://social.hays.com/2020/10/09/podcast-33-how-gen-z-can-maintain-good-mental-health-as-they-build-their-careers/

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(01:13) It would be great if you could introduce yourself to our listeners.

(01:52)Could you give an explanation as to what we mean by the term mental health?

(02:58) We’ve all been impacted in different ways by the pandemic, each of our experiences are unique to us, and in some cases the pandemic will have undoubtedly had a negative impact on people's mental health. But do you think there have been any differences in experiences between generations?

(06:12) In what ways do you think the pandemic has impacted young people, which may be different from other generations?

(07:46) Do you have any advice to any of Gen Z on how to cope with the persistent and long-term uncertainty that they're probably feeling right now?

(11:24) Would you say that Generation Z were already suffering from poor mental health before the pandemic? And if so, what has been causing this historically?

(14:37)What are the unique challenges that Gen Z face and how can they overcome them?

(16:57) I've heard of a term post-graduation depression. What are the common signs of that? And do you think it might be more common amongst the class of 2020? And how can our listeners start to overcome it if they are experiencing it?

(19:27) Sustained periods of national lockdowns around the world have led many to experience anxiety, but focusing on young people, what advice would you give to those that are experiencing this and are perhaps feeling nervous about an upcoming interview or starting their first job?

(21:01) For those experiencing self-doubt right now, perhaps if fuelled by comparing themselves to their peers, how can listeners re-frame their negative self-deprecating thoughts to ensure their first steps into the world of work are as positive as possible?

(26:27) It's clear that self-care in maintaining good mental health is essential to achieving that, and we've been fortunate enough for you to share tips on how you can maintain that. Is there anything else that you would add or advise that would be relevant to Gen Z?

(29:27) World Suicide Prevention Day took place last month and it's well publicised that men are far more likely to die from suicide than women. Do you have any advice for young men who may be listening and perhaps struggling with their mental health at present?

(31:47) If you had one piece of careers advice to help our listeners navigate their careers through the pandemic and beyond, what would that be?

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