32: How to manage career change and uncertainty as we enter a new era of work - Sarah Ellis

In this podcast, Sarah Ellis, co-founder of professional training and consultancy business; Amazing If shares her advice on how to effectively manage career change and uncertainty as we enter a new era of work.

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(01:11)To begin with, please could you give a quick introduction for our listeners?

(02:13) You're the host of the Squiggly Careers podcast and author of the Sunday Times bestselling book, The Squiggly Career. Could you just explain to our listeners what you mean by the term Squiggly Career?

(04:34) Would you say now due to the pandemic that careers will become even more squiggly or more common as we enter this new era of work?

(07:43) How do you think people are generally feeling about their careers at the moment? What are the most common concerns, challenges, and questions that people have been raising with you over the past few months?

(09:51) You mentioned uncertainty and change which seems like a common trend and it's completely understandable. Some may be experiencing redundancy of course, restructure or uncertainty around how their current role might look going forward. What advice do you have for listeners to help them navigate this kind of unexpected change?

(15:52) You mentioned at the start about change being different if you initiate it yourself. So for instance, if you are initiating that change yourself perhaps by finding a new role or changing careers entirely, do you think now is a good time to do this and what advice can you share to help our listeners?

(22:32) You mentioned earlier the importance of having the confidence to make a change. But touching on career confidence more generally, it seems as though many are experiencing a lot of self doubt right now, understandably, regardless of their situation. Would you agree with that and how can listeners build themselves back up if they're experiencing this?

(27:49) I really like what you said about documenting those small wins and reminding yourselves of that but sharing them with colleagues as well. And probably linked to the last question for those who are currently in full time employment, who are no doubt extremely busy dealing with the day-to-day and perhaps feel under pressure to somehow prove their worth. What advice would you give those listeners who are perhaps dealing with that?

(32:30) Do you think this is an especially difficult time for those whose identities are very closely linked to their job?

(35:36) A lot analysis and reporting has focused on the fact that young people are being badly hit by the pandemic from a career and employment point of view. How can those that are about to begin their journey into the world of work ensure they start out on the right foot despite these hurdles?

(39:35) Lastly, if you had one piece of advice on top of all the great advice that you've given us today to help our listeners navigate their careers through the pandemic and beyond, what would that be?

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